Please be informed that the Final Examination of all levels of the online MTG training for registered trainees is on Monday, April 13, 2020.
Please be further informed that only all registered trainees will have their unique security code which will be emailed to them in the morning of April 13. This security code will enable them to access the link leading to the final examination which will remain accessible until 3PM only of April 13.
All registered trainees taking the final examination must fill in the required details prior to starting answering the questions or problems of the final examination which is good for one and a half hour (1 hour and 30 minutes or 90 minutes).

  1. Be ready with your pen/pencil, and scratch papers  before you sit for the  FINAL EXAMS.
  2. Be sure that once you CLICK the button of your answer, it is final since it cannot be undone for changing of choices is not possible. THINK before you CLICK the final answer.
  3. The final examination link will no longer be accessible or will AUTOMATICALLY STOPS at 3PM.


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