Filipino math wizards bag medals in Hua Lou Geng Golden Cup

The Philippine top math students endowed with great force of will and notable numerical acumen came out triumphant for winning a medal each in the Hua Lou Geng Golden Cup held in Xiamen, China on August 12 – 16, 2019.  
The young Filipino numbers aces, who came from both public and private elementary and secondary schools, won 2 gold, 8 silver and 3 bronze medals.    
The gold medals for our country were a courtesy of Ruzh Anthony Alfonso (Gr. 8) from Philippine Science High School–Main and Nathan Mayer Dy (Gr. 8), from Philippine Science High School West Visayas Campus in Iloilo City.
Bagging home a silver medal each were Elaiah Asperin (Gr. 6) from St. Jude Catholic School, Jacques Simon Timtiman (Gr. 7) and Ziron John Valaquio (Gr. 7) from Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas  Campus, Nathan Lucas Chiu (Gr. 5) St. John’s Institute - Bacolod Reginald Cedric Lim (Gr. 8) and Lia Isabelle Gutierrez (Gr. 6) from Grace Christian College, Charles David Uy (Gr. 5) from Bethel International School, and David Matthew Dolar (Gr.7) from PAREF Westbridge School - Iloilo.
Winning bronze medals were Charles Joshua Uy (Gr. 7) from Philippine Science Campus – East Visayas Campus, Arielle Victoria Encarnacion (Gr. 6) from Our Lady of Casaysay Academy and Gerard Aurellano (Gr. 8) Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region Campus.


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