More than 400 mathletes made their mark in 2019 YMIITP

The 4-day grueling math ‘in-house’ activity capped off a successful endeavour for the four hundred eleven math wizards who came out as this year’s MathDAP challengers!

No less than Hon. Tonisito M.C. Umali, Esq. Undersecretary for Legislative Liaison Office, External Partnerships Service and School Sports graced the closing and awarding ceremonies. USEC Umali congratulated and commended the country’s crème de la crème in mathematics for their display of excellence in the international math contests.

In a separate event, Mrs. Lilia T. Habacon, Executive Director of the Philippine Science High School System expressed her admiration to the winning spirits and exuberance of the Filipino math wizards and stressed their important role in nation building.  

Having earned the title, MathDAP challengers, they are all invited to the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program which will be held at Philippine Institute of Quezon City from April 23 – May 24, 2019 except for Youngster group (Grades 1 - 2) who have the option to attend the Philbrain's "Mathematical Skill Advancement Training Course (MSATC)" if they wish to do so.

Since the slots are limited and on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, all qualifiers are requested urgently to register as immediately as possible for the reservation of slot.

Here are the lists of MathDAP challengers from Batch 3:

2019 YMIITP MathDAP Challengers Batch 3


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