PH students win medals, awards in Jakarta’s IMWiC

A group of young Filipino numbers aces mostly elementary and high school students from different parts of the Philippines won a total of 304 medals, including twenty-nine golds, in the just-ended 2018 International Mathematics Wizard Challenge (IMWiC).
The Philippine math team also bagged 80 silvers, 128 bronzes and 67 merit awards in the individual contest, held from May 5 to 6 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“We’re interested in thinking skills and problem solving,” Mrs. Susan Tiu, IMWiC organizer said. “Especially in the age of calculators, we’re looking for problems that challenge them and make them think, rather than something they press three buttons to get an answer.”

It was a mission accomplished for the Filipino mathletes who were unbeaten from the showdown involving the best in mathematics from Indonesia and Thailand. Best in the Philippines and still best they returned home with glitters of gold, silver and bronze medals in their hands.

"The competition inspired me to grow as a math student and a creative thinker," a gold medalist from Zamboanga Chong Hua High School, Sophia Monique Chan, said after the awarding ceremony.

Please click this link for the complete lists of medalists/awardees.


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