MathDAP reveals official line-up to 2018 IMWiC (updated 04/25/18)

The Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines (MathDAP) will lead the country’s mathletes to this year’s International Mathematics Wizards Challenge (IMWiC) which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 5 – 6, 2018.

The Filipino math wizards who just went through a 3-day in-house intensive training and currently in a month-long summer training program will compete with some of Asia’s finest in mathematics. 

The MathDAP after screening interested trainees is now ready with the line up of Filipino participants to 2018 IMWiC. 
This is the list of official IMWiC participants who completely complied all registration requirements:

IMWiC Group Flight Schedule (updated 25/04/2018)

Schedule of T-shirts per day:

May 3 - Pink (2016 12-sat t-shirt)
May 4 - Green (2018 in-house t-shirt)
May 5 - Blue (New t-shirt)
May 6 - Magenta (New t-shirt)
May 7 - Blue (2017 12-sat t-shirt)

May 4 - Green (2018 in-house t-shirt)
May 5 - Blue (New T-shirt)
May 6 - Magenta (New T-shirt)
May 7 - Blue (2017 12-sat t-shirt)
May 8 - Pink (2016 12-sat t-shirt)


Please see you flight schedule.


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