Filipino math wizards bag 73 gold in CFM Parallel contest

The Challenge for Future Mathematicians National Parallel Contest (CFMNPC) yielded more than five hundred medalists from all over the Philippines. The math contest conducted in December last year at St. Stephen’s High School in Manila and in selected MTG centers across the country made 73 math wizards garner gold medal for their outstanding performance. 

From more than 2000 participants, one hundred seventy-seven garnered silver medals and two hundred seventy-seven others reaped bronze medals. 

The CFMNPC was conducted almost simultaneously with the 2017 Challenge for Future Mathematicians conducted in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia on December 8 – 11, 2017. The contest was national in form since the participants competed among themselves in the Philippines and their performance has no bearing on the results of the Filipino participants in CFM in Malaysia. It was international in substance and scope since the contest papers were the same as those of the CFM in Malaysia and some CFM rules and regulations had been applied, as conformed by the CMF organizers.

The medals and certificates for the winners and participants from the provinces will be sent to their respective center coordinators.  

The following are the winners of gold, silver and bronze medals from the following divisions, Middle Primary, Upper Primary, Junior High School, Intermediate and Senior High School:

2107 National Parallel CFM Result


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