MathDAP names challengers in the youngster group

Three hundred grades one and two trainees in the youngster group succeeded the rigors of the 4-day training during the 2017 Young Mathematicians In-house Intensive Training Program (YMIITP) which were held in three batches and venues.

The challengers, the identity given to them for their remarkable performance in the YMIITP, have been placed under the tutelage of the Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines (MathDAP)and have been invited to participate in the International Mathematics Wizards Challenge (IMWiC) in Xiamen, China on May 19 – 23, 2017.

This year, the IMWiC is the only contest which the MathDAP challengers in the youngster group can join since there is no other competition that has been organized for them.

The following are the lists of MathDAP challengers from the three batches:

2017 Youngster Challengers


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