A throng of qualified trainees will flock at St. Stephen's High School for the month-long Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program (MOSTP) which will start on April 17 and will end on May 19, 2017.
The training will be from 8 am to 4 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

The MOSTP trainees, on the first day, are advised to proceed directly to their assigned classrooms while parents are requested to proceed to Stephenian Hall for a short orientation program.
  • Elementary trainees: 3rd Floor
  • High School trainees: 4th Floor
Furthermore, reasonable priced food for lunch and snacks is available at the school canteen, although trainees are allowed to bring their own meals. However, parents/guardians are advised not to bring foods for their kids.

The following are the schedules of t-shirts use for the MOSTP training:
  1. Monday - Green (2017 in-house tshirt)
  2. Tuesday - Pink (2016-2017 12-sat tshirt)
  3. Wednesday - Cream (2016 in-house tshirt)
  4. Thursday - Purple (2015-2016 12-sat tshirt)
  5. Friday - Red (2015 in-house tshirt)
  6. Saturday - Brown (2014-2015 12-sat tshirt)
Trainees who don't have the assigned t-shirt for the day may use any available shirts with the same colour.


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