MathDAP invites trainees to join national parallel CFM

The Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines (MathDAP) will conduct the National Parallel Challenge for Future Mathematicians (NPCFM) which will be held at St. Stephen’s High School on October 29-30, 2016.

The MathDAP with the full support and recognition of the Department of Education through the issuance of DepEd Advisory 116 s. 2016 dated May 6, 2016, will also bring students to join the Challenge for Future Mathematicians (CFM) in Thailand on October 28 – 31, 2016.

Moreover, the NPCFM has been organized to allow maximum participation of the Filipino math wizards from different centers in the Philippines to broaden their mathematical horizon and to experience a contest of international standard.
The NPCFM has the following characteristics:

  • It is national in form since the participants will compete among themselves and their performance has no bearing to the results of the Filipino participants in CFM in Thailand.
  • It is international in substance and scope since the contest papers are the same as those of the CFM in Thailand and some CFM rules and regulations are applied, as conformed by the CFM organizers.
  • The participants are MTG trainees that may be selected from a) winners of either bronze medals or merit awards or non-awardees in the 2016 international math contests or b) enrollees/registrants of the Mathematical Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program (MCFKTP), better known as the 12 – Saturday Training Program, for two consecutive years (SY 2015-2016 and 2016-2017).
  • It has its own program of activities with a reasonable registration fee to cover lunch, snacks, contest materials, certificate and t-shirts. It is a stay-out activity.

The participants recommended by their respective center coordinators must meet the requirements of the screening and selection committee. Interested trainees must contact their respective center coordinator since deadline for the submission of names is on Monday, October 10, 2016.


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