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Filipino math wizards score 89 awards in NLMC

The moment of truth has arrived disclosing the names of certified high-fliers of the  Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC)   which was held online in the Philippines on November 12 – 14, 2021. From close to two hundred Filipino math wizards who pioneered the NLMC, eighty-nine set a whopping record of rising to the occasion for winning 11 team winner awards ( highest in each level ), 27 honor roll awards ( top 10% of all students in each level),  and 51 honorable mention awards ( top 50% of all students in each level ).   Coming out on top of the competition are the following winners of team winner, honor roll, and honorable mention awards. All of these titleholders will receive a prize certificate each. You may log in to your Neotic Student Account to download your winning and participation certificates.   No. First Name Last Name Award Level 1 Andrea Faldas  ★HonorRoll Grade 2 2 Andrea Gabrielle Braganza  ★HonorRoll Grade 2 3 Caiser Charleton So  ★HonorRoll Grade 2 4 Eunice Gaerlan  ★T