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Qualifiers for the Hua Xia Cup final round disclosed

One hundred eighteen Filipino students are still in the competition after obtaining highest honors in the heat round of the 2021 Hua Xia Cup  – China Mathematical Olympiad Contest 2021  conducted on March 27, 2021. Making their way into the final round that is scheduled on  May 30, 2021  are those students who garnered 1st, 2nd and 3rd honors. The  Chinese Mathematical Teaching Research Association, Hong Kong Mathematical Association and Charity Foundation of Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad Association, organizers of the Hua Xia Cup revealed that 23 students won 1st honors, 38 achieved 2nd honors and 57 bagged 3rd honors. The following are the recipients of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd honors and are qualified to advance into the final round:   No. Name Grade Level School Awards 1 Jia De Belen Arcadio Grade 1 Notre Dame Of Greater Manila 1st honor 2 Andrea Gabrielle Lopez Braganza Grade 1 BHC Educational Institution, Inc. 1st honor 3 Sean Alistair Tan Ong Grade 1 Saint Jude Catholic School 1st