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Kangaroo Math Competition is reset, offers online contest

Please be informed that the  2020 International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition – Philippines   has been rescheduled and the participants are given two options to choose from to sit for the said contest. All registered participants must confirm their preferential method to sit for the 2020 IKMC on or before Friday,    June 5, 2020. The organizer needs the confirmation as soon as possible for preparation and arrangement of contest materials which take time in the delivery to contest venues. Please choose between the following: A.   ONLINE CONTEST: The contest problems will be emailed to the participants on the designated date for the specified level or divisions, and will be accessible and available for competitions on the given time, as follows: 1. Lower Primary and Junior Divisions:  June 25  (Thursday)  9AM to 12N 2. Middle and Upper Primary Divisions:  June 26  (Friday) 9AM to 12N 3. Intermediate and Senior Divisions:  June 27  (Saturday) 9AM to 12N The competition


Please be informed that the youngster group (grades 1 and 2) can now avail of the exercises that will enhance their mental skills, develop their logical analysis and boost creative thinking.  In addition, the MTG Philippines as requested by several parents to engage their kids to some productive activity in this G/ECQ has prepared online training videos for interested grades 1 and 2 mathletes who want to acquire more a good understanding of mathematics concepts so that they can become procedurally fluent. The training video facilitates the young whiz kids to get the idea of the problem better, thus strengthening their experience in integrating concepts and procedures. To avail of the challenging exercises and/or the training videos, please register using this link, XDjopJqHCXsXPemdA . Registration deadline is on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. Stay at Home, Stay Safe!