MathDAP welcomes over 500 challengers to the summer training

The country’s finest math wizards had completed the first online MTG training program which gave them a mental boost after weeks of intellectual hiatus brought on by the Enhanced Community Quarantine, a measure to prevent the spread of COVID19.

From over a thousand mathletes who registered to be in the training, more than 500 math wizards are now eligible to participate in the next phase of the MathDAP training program which is the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program (MOSTP).

This year’s MOSTP which goes online again welcomes the trainees who made it as MathDAP challengers. The summer training will start on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. If situation guarantees for classroom meetup, then MathDAP considers of conducting the last 15 days of training in the usual training setup.

MathDAP is one with MTG Philippines in believing that in the classroom setup, direct interaction between or among trainees promotes active learning and encourages higher levels of thinking, and the trainees who have similar interest, can deepen their understanding and clarify their mathematical knowledge among them and with their teacher. It is believed that classroom learning engages the trainees more than any other activity and that it is more than twice as effective as other approaches.

Interested trainees must confirm their participation to this email address, on or before Sunday, April 19, 2020 so lectures can be emailed to them.

The following MathDAP challengers invited to this year’s summer training are: 

Please click the link: Mathdap Challengers


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