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MathDAP challengers have to start their online registration

The Mathematics Development Academy of the Philippines (MathDAP) is delighted to see the enthusiasm and willingness through the confirmation of the MathDAP challengers to participate in this year’s month long summer training which starts on April 23, 2020. All trainees, therefore, must complete on or before April 22, 2020 the registration procedures available at this link, Grades 3 to 12: K6ejRftqa8qnkf9b8 Therefore, all MathDAP challengers can easily make their payment through BPI online banking transaction (Transfer Money) to this Account Number , 4821-0025-11 .  On the “NOTE” part, please indicate the following details: Name of student, grade level and mobile number. Stay Home and Stay Safe.

MathDAP welcomes over 500 challengers to the summer training

The country’s finest math wizards had completed the first online MTG training program which gave them a mental boost after weeks of intellectual hiatus brought on by the Enhanced Community Quarantine, a measure to prevent the spread of COVID19. From over a thousand mathletes who registered to be in the training, more than 500 math wizards are now eligible to participate in the next phase of the MathDAP training program which is the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program (MOSTP). This year’s MOSTP which goes online again welcomes the trainees who made it as MathDAP challengers. The summer training will start on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. If situation guarantees for classroom meetup, then MathDAP considers of conducting the last 15 days of training in the usual training setup. MathDAP is one with MTG Philippines in believing that in the classroom setup, direct interaction between or among trainees promotes active learning and encourages higher levels of thinking, and the


Please be informed that the Final Examination of all levels of the online MTG training for registered trainees is on Monday, April 13, 2020. Please be further informed that only all registered trainees will have their unique security code which will be emailed to them in the morning of April 13. This security code will enable them to access the link leading to the final examination which will remain accessible until 3PM only of April 13. All registered trainees taking the final examination must fill in the required details prior to starting answering the questions or problems of the final examination which is good for one and a half hour (1 hour and 30 minutes or 90 minutes). TAKE NOTE:   Be ready with your pen/pencil, and scratch papers  before you sit for the  FINAL EXAMS. Be sure that once you CLICK the button of your answer, it is final since it cannot be undone for changing of choices is not possible. THINK before you CLICK the final answer. The final examination link w

MTG opens 2nd batch online training, moves final exam to April 13

More math whiz kids long for a productive activity while at home in quarantine, requesting MTG Philippines to open a second batch online training of the 2020 Young Mathematicians In-house Intensive Training Program. Due to their demand, MTG Philippines has decided to open the registration for the 2nd batch of trainees who are excited to be part of the first-ever online training. Interested and qualified trainees for the  SECOND BATCH  have until (deadline)  Monday, April 6   to complete the registration procedure available at these links, For youngster Group: NEJYRUUHbzqed7hv6 For Grade 3 – 12: DfVb6ovf6wTcdofi9 The sending of training materials is scheduled on  April 7 – 8, 2020  while the online viewing of lectures is on  April 9, 10 and 11, 2020 . The final examination for the first and second batches is now on  Monday, April 13, 2020 . For fast and easy registration, MTG accepts payment through BPI online banking tr

Only GMAIL account can be used to access training materials

Please be informed that the only way to access the training materials for the online in-house is through GMAIL email address. Therefore, those online-registered participants who do not use the gmail account are requested to create one for themselves and register again and enter the GMAIL email address this time. Thank you.   The re-registration for this online training is only until 6PM tomorrow, April 4, 2020.   Stay healthy and safe everyone.