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MTG opens three new centers in Pasig and Batangas

The Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines gets two thumbs up from three school administrators adding their learning institutions in the list of MTG centers in Pasig and Batangas. The insistent demand from a considerable number of parents in Pasig City requesting for new MTG centers following the closure of previous centers has paved the opening of two more training hubs, making it three in Pasig including Dee Hwa Liong Academy . The new MTG training center in Pasig is La Immaculada Concepcion School at E. Caruncho Avenue, Malinao, Pasig City. Its MTG center coordinator is Mr. Edan Macuana who has scheduled the qualifying examination on Saturday, September 16, 2017 .  The other new center in Pasig City is PASIG Elementary School located at Caruncho Avenue, San Nicolas,  Pasig  City, Metro Manila  . Its MTG center coordinator is Mrs. Emely Medina . The schedule of the qualifying exams will be on September 23, 2017 . On the other hand, MTG has won the support