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Many math wizards to join the CFM Parallel

  More than seven hundred Filipino math wizards are qualified to participate in the National Parallel Challenge for the Future Mathematicians (CFM) Cluster which will be held at St. Stephen’s High School on October 27-28, 2015. The National Parallel CFM Cluster (NPCFMC) has the following characteristics: (a) It is national in form since the participants will compete among themselves and their performance has no bearing to the results of the CFM international group and (b) It is international in substance and scope since the contest papers are the same as those of the CFM international group and some CFM rules and regulations shall be applied. The NPCFMC has been organized to allow maximum participation of the Filipino math wizards from different centers in the Philippines to have the opportunity to expand their mathematical horizon and experience in international mathematics contests. The participants who have been recommended by their respective center coordinators met the