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2015 Youngster Group Qualifiers CONFIRMED to receive Practice Sets

Excited parents of the Youngster Group confirmed their willingness to receive Practice Sets for their child through email as part of the requirements to be included in the Philippine team for any math contest abroad. The confirmation deadline for all batches of qualifiers has ended but we are still giving until Friday, May 8, 2015 for others to confirm. Please be informed that only trainees who made the confirmation will receive practice sets which will be emailed starting Tuesday, May 5, 2015. Any confirmation made in other email address will not be entertained.  Those qualifiers who have not confirmed will not be and can never be part of the Philippine team in any math contest abroad. Please be further informed that the MathDAP will take charge of the youngster group including the reply to confirmation, selecting and sending of participants abroad, therefore, all concerns shall be forwarded to the aforesaid email address. These are complete lists of qualifiers