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Attention: Parents/Accompanying person. Thank you for enrolling your son/daughter in the Youngster Group of the 2015 MTG Young Mathematicians’ In-House Intensive Training Program. For smooth and proper room assignment and record purposes, please fill up the following form for the person accompanying your son/daughter and send the same, not later than March 13, 2015, to this email address, . Please attach the scanned deposit slip if you made a separate payment with your child. ____________________________________________ Accompanying person Form (N0te: Please write legibly. Avoid using longhand writing. ) Name (all caps): ___________________________ Gender: ___________________________ Name of the child/participant to be accompanied:  ___________________________ Relation to the child: ___________________________ Contact Number: ___________________________ T-shirt size of the Accompanying person(s):  1.___________________________ 2.___

Kids overlook to indicate T-shirt size in reply form

The participants of the 2015 MTG Young Mathematicians’ In-House Intensive Training Program are reminded to indicate the correct T-shirts size using the measurement found in the reply form. It has been observed that some trainees have not specified their T-shirts size, and such failure will be a problem when they claim their t-shirts during the in house. To avoid any inconvenience, please check your electronic reply form with barcode if t-shirt size is indicated and is correct. Kindly inform us using this email address if you want to update us about your t-shirt size, on or before March 16, 2015 for Boracay participants, and March 20 for Baguio participants.