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New Schedule of Medal Release to 2014 MOSTP Qualifiers

Please be informed that the next schedule of releasing of medals of the  2014 MOSTP   Qualifiers  will be during the  2015 Young Mathematician In-house Intensive Training Program (YMIITP) .    For medals to reach you, please let us know where you want to claim them:  Boracay  or  Baguio . Email us your preferred place to claim the medals using these email addresses   – Grade 3 to 4 th  Yr High School  and  -  for Youngster Group  (and not to any other email addresses) the following information:    Name:____________________________________________ Grade/Year Last In House: ___________________________ Contact Number: ___________________________________ School: ___________________________________________ MTG Center attended the MCFKTP of SY 2013-2014 _______________________

Schedules of 2015 YMIITP

Please be informed that the   2015 Young Mathematicians’ In House Intensive Training Program   (YMIITP) will be held in three batches in the following venues/dates: First Batch:      Visayas and Mindanao         Venue:      Boracay (exact place to be announced later)             Date:     March 23 – 26, 2015  Second Batch: Northern Part of Luzon            Venue: Baguio (exact place to be announced later)               Date: April 6 – 9, 2015 Third Batch: Southern Part of Luzon and Metro Manila            Venue: Baguio (exact place to be announced later)               Date: April 11 – 14, 2015 If the schedule has conflict with your school activity, please inform your center coordinator ahead of time for a possible arrangement. For more details, please always logon to this website.