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PH math aces capture 26 medals

The Filipino math wizards had proven once more to be smart or even smarter than their foreign counterparts in mathematics as twenty six of them grasped gold, silver and bronze medals while the fifty four others seized the merit awards in the recently concluded World Mathematics Invitational held in Kaoshuing, Taiwan on August 9 to 12, 2014. Rising above their peers for winning gold medals for the country were   Rovi Gabriel Dela Cruz , grade 2 from Pasig Catholic College who was also awarded with the Star of the World Trophy and Daniel Ton , grade 9, from Hope Christian High School. Shining brighter and even standing prouder for harvesting silver medals were Anne Margarette Roales , grade 2, Small World Christian School Foundation, Ron Lian Nikolaus Tan, grade 4, Morning Star Montessori School Inc. - Los BaƱos, Danielle Joy See , grade 9, Jubilee Christian Academy,   Orex John S. Ong , grade 9, Trinity Christian Academy and Patrick Matthew J. Chan , grade 9, Chiang Kai Shek

Filipino math aces harvest scores of awards

  The quest for excellence continued as Filipino math aces make another homerun, picking 3 champion awards, 3 gold, 14 silver, 49 bronze medals and 105 merit awards in the King of Mathematics and Pan Pacific Mathematics Olympiad   held in Hong Kong, China on June 28 – July 1, 2014. Fighting their way to the top of the heap in the King of Math and stayed there were the two champions and gold medalists, Elijahmin Wolfgang Claveria , grade 8 of Philippine Science High School-Main and Terence Brian Tsai , grade 8 of Chiang Kai Shek College.  Finishing the Pan Pacific Mathematics Olympiad with flying colors was the champion and gold medalist was Alexander Bernard Go , grade 7 of Xavier School. The complete list of winners of both contests is as follows:             Names Level Schools King of Math Pan Pacific 1 Alteza, Nathaniel Grade 1 Meridian International Learning Experience Merit Merit 2 An